Midi skirts are an extremely flattering silhouette. They help your waist appear slimmer while enhancing your natural curves. However, midi skirts are often difficult to choose and incorporate into a look because of their unique style and cut. Our guide on acing this look will help you find the perfect style for you.

As a general rule, you want a midi skirt to hit the narrowest part of your waist and flow out while stopping mid-calf or just above.

Here are some style tips to help you own this look!

Style tip #1

You don’t always need to tuck into a midi skirt! Instead, try a button down shirt and knot the ends together at the waistband.

Style tip #2

In the summers, you can start wearing your skirts with t-shirts that have embroidery details like lace or sequins. You can fold the sleeves of the t-shirt or knot it up to add a fun element to your look.

Style tip #3

Sometimes summer outfits can be a little boring – It’s too hot for clothing layers! So instead, try some fun accessories like a straw hat, layered necklaces, quirky clips and headbands.

Style tip #4

Midi skirts are really fun to wear with graphic tees. You can dress them up with heels and a denim jacket, or dress them down with sneakers or sandals!

Style tip #5

If (we hope) you grow comfortable with midi skirts, don’t be afraid to mix and match with some prints. Keep the base colour of the prints consistent or keep the base colour of one of the items neutral like white or black, but go with different patterns for your skirt and your top!